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PacketXpress - The Network Intelligence Platform

Enhance the Performance, Efficiency, and Accuracy of Your Existing Security Analysis Applications for Real-Time and Forensic Analysis
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PacketXpress® — The Network Intelligence Platform

Enhance Your Network Security Monitoring and Forensic Analysis Applications

  • A patented and scalable, high-intake platform for packet capture, storage, and distribution, in an extremely small footprint.
  • Scales across all dimensions: intake, storage, processing, and distribution - from mobile deployments to multi-rack datacenter solutions.
  • Complements any existing network security monitoring and security analysis solution:
    • Increase the performance and accuracy of real-time analysis.
    • Reduce overall analysis licensing costs.
    • Replay packets at any speed for threat hunting, incident response, forensic analysis, and mitigation validation.

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Solution Brief

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High-Speed Capture

High-Speed capture and recording scalable from 10 Gbps to over
100 Gbps - the highest sustained capture rate in the industry.

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No Loss Capture & Storage

Simultaneous capture to disk and distribution from disk without impacting either read or write performance at any speed. Storage of several petabytes is provided in just a single 1U server.

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Adaptive Traffic Distribution

Adaptive traffic distribution to avoid analysis overload with rate and content control, directly from disk via standard software APIs with speeds up to 100 Gbps.

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Flexible Queries Without Indexing

Dynamic queries without the need to pre-define indexing, offering more flexible analysis capabilities.

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Application Agnostic in an Open Platform

A software solution delivered on common off-the-shelf hardware with open, standard software APIs for direct access to packet data for any event, integrated in your current workflow and threat response solutions.

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Scalable and

Customizable platform with extensible intake, storage, memory, and processing with the lowest footprint and cost-to-performance ratio in the industry. Offered from 1U and up as well as in custom formfactors.

PacketXpress Use Cases Across the Network & Security Operational Lifecycle

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PacketXpress addresses many challenges across the network and security operational life cycle in commercial enterprise and defensive cyber operations teams in government agencies.

  • Monitor more traffic economically for complete visibility.
  • Detect events reliably and prevent false or missed events under high traffic load. 
  • Analyze, triage, and resolve incidents with the complete event details needed that alarm and event notifications do not provide.
  • Validate countermeasures before deployment with actual event traffic.
  • Optimize the stability, speed, scalability, and responsiveness of your network & security infrastructure even under high traffic load. 

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