Meet Our Cyber Threat and Incident Response Team

Increasing Network Visibility for Better Incident Response

Axellio focuses on increasing network visibility for threat detection and response addressing the pressing issue in today’s security operations teams in commercial enterprise and defense: too many tools, too much data, but still lacking the information needed to mitigate the threats. This allows you to prioritize what matters, for rapid and informed decisions, and for efficient response across your entire threat lifecycle: from threat detection over alert triage and incident response to threat hunting.

Axellio’s approach to security is based on the premise that comprehensive network visibility is critical to address insider threats created by zero-day attacks and advanced persistent threats. Packets are the immutable evidence and the solid foundation needed for comprehensive threat response.

Axellio’s patent-pending security platform PacketXpress® is a network visibility hub that allows you to store and forward all the network traffic processed by the existing security infrastructure. This prevents overload situations in the current security ecosystem, creating more reliable results and allows you to virtualize the monitoring environment for better scalability. Pioneering network packet capture and analysis also creates “PCAP on demand”: packet store-and-forward for real-time and historical analysis, providing direct access to any pre-and post-event packet data for any event for better decision making.


Axellio Corporate Overview

Executive Team

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