Threat Detection and Response

Axellio provides economic, end-to-end cyber security solutions
designed for your team, environment, and security objectives,
providing packet level visibility across your network.


High-speed, insightful analytics

Exponential growth in advanced persistent threats, zero-day attacks, combined with double-digit network traffic growth makes security operations more demanding than ever. Do you have the right information to prioritize your work to focus on the urgent and important security threats? Creating and operating the right solution for your security environment should not be rocket science - our experts can help.


Growing cyber threats from state and non-state actors get increasingly more sophisticated targeting sensitive intelligence and essential infrastructure. Axellio optimizes your security posture building the right solution for your security environment and mission.



Portable Datacenter Performance for Any Mission

Expeditionary compute platforms that are mobile and modular, deploy fast, and provide enterprise data center performance in a SWaP-optimized form factor for tactical deployment. Designed for military, government, and public safety missions – the most computing power available today in any carry-on tactical data center.


Threat Detection and Response Solutions
That Reduce Dwell Time and Time to Mitigation.

Axellio® enables organizations to improve their security posture through a comprehensive portfolio of threat detection and response solutions, from the base platform PacketXpress® to vertically integrated, end-to-end solutions combined with consulting and professional services. Our solutions are designed for work-flow efficiency and cost-effectiveness optimized for your people, processes, and technologies.

Threat Detection and Response Done Right

Axellio’s goal is to leverage the security operations resources and tools you already have in place while providing faster access to richer, more contextual data. It enables you to prioritize what matters, for rapid and informed decisions, and for efficient response across your entire threat lifecycle: from threat detection over alert triage and incidence response to threat hunting.

Our goal is to work with you to optimize a threat detection and response solution to fit your environment to prevent tool and data overload.


Perform an assessment of your security posture, focusing on people, process, and technologies to align the solution with your strategy and determine the gaps in your approach.


Design, engineer, and implement an economic solution with a focus on efficiency and coverage based on your needs. We leverage and optimize your existing infrastructure, enhanced with the Axellio platform as necessary, utilizing Open-Source solutions where applicable.



Making it work for your team and processes to ensure you maximize your investment.
We work closely with you to deploy, configure, document, and educate your team.

Let's Create the Right Security Solution
for Your Environment.

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