PacketXpress®  - The Network Visibility Hub

Rethinking Network Traffic Analysis


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Packet Visibility for Real-Time and Forensic Security

PacketXpress®  is a high-speed, high-intake network visibility hub for packet capture, analysis, and distribution in an extremely small footprint.
As PacketXpress buffers, distributes, and records all incoming traffic, it removes the real-time processing requirement for all you network and security management and analysis solutions while providing packet access for forensic back-in-time analysis.

  • Detect internal threats - gain visibility into your egress, ingress, and internal traffic
  • Access anytime to unalterable evidence for quick decision making - get access to all packets surrounding any event
  • Virtualize your existing security infrastructure - turn your network and security monitoring infrastructure into software-defined solutions, virtualizing the previously hardware centric solutions.

High-Speed Capture and Recording


Accelerate Time-to-Root-Cause

Streamline your analysis process and shorten time to resolution — get fast access to all packets anytime, pre- and post‑event, with no need to filter or selectively capture traffic in a small form factor.


Adaptive Traffic Distribution


Extend the Useful Life of Your Monitoring & Analysis Infrastructure

Keep up with network speed and traffic growth — distribute captured traffic at controlled rates to other applications matching their intake rates, smoothing out the traffic spikes and avoiding overloading your monitoring and analysis infrastructure.



Universal Analytics Platform


For Efficient Operation and Investment Protection

An application agnostic storage, compute, and distribution platform to increase your throughput traffic significantly and decrease your time to root cause, while saving on dedicated and costly appliances.


High Speed Network Packet Intake and Distribution

Axellio PacketXpress is a dual-server architecture platform which can ingest and store traffic at 100 Gbps sustained while simultaneously distributing captured PCAP data up to 200 Gbps with no performance impact on either intake, distribution, or analysis.

Axellio PacketXpress

100 Gbps Capture Sustained

Capture up to 100 Gbps sustained with bursts up to 200 Gbps without packet loss.

1.5 Peta Bytes of Storage


NVMe SSD drives with simultaneous read and write access from multiple servers without impacting storage performance.


Adaptive Traffic Distribution

Multiple data extraction streams can be individually configured with user definable traffic content for the maximum bandwidth the application can safely consume.

Flexible Queries
Without Indexing

Dynamic queries without the need to pre-define indexing, offering more flexible analysis capabilities.

Standard PCAP APIs


Packet data access via standard software APIs such as PFRing or libpcap for analysis applications either on the server or off-box




3U rackmountable server - the smallest footprint in the industry for this high-performance intake and storage capacity


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Packets Data for Faster Decisions and Mitigations

Capturing and analyzing network packets surrounding the attack are immutable evidence as they are nearly impossible for attackers to delete or modify. This provides a rich data set that can be analyzed pre-and post-event to determine how attackers entered the environment, what actions they took, and which devices were communicated with:

  • Packets can reliably recreate all communication relationships to assess the “blast radius.”
  • Allows for analysis of not just the header information but all payload embedded in the packets
  • Provide reliable timing information on all packets traversing the network
  • Provide broader attack patterns across multiple devices

PacketXpress: The Network Visibility Hub
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