Threat Detection and Response
A Complete Solution For Your Environment

Complete solutions for advanced persistent threats and zero-day attacks - an end-to-end solution with total packet visibility.

Accelerate Your Response Through Comprehensive Packet Visibility

Axellio® addresses the biggest challenge in security operations today: despite more tools and data than ever, security operations still do not have the information needed for rapid threat detection, triage, and response. Axellio works with you to leverage the people, processes, and technologies you have already invested in, while enhancing the information available for a timely, efficient, and comprehensive threat response through total packet visibility.

1. Assess

Identify the gaps in your security posture for threat detection and response.

A complete assessment of your people, process, and technologies:

  • Assessment of infrastructure, processes, and resourcing

  • Gap analysis – adjusting your security strategy and priorities to mature your security posture

  • A prioritized implementation plan leveraging your existing environment

2. Build

Design, engineer, and implement an economic solution for maximum threat visibility. 

Leveraging & optimizing your existing infrastructure, enhanced with the Axellio PacketXpress platform for maximum traffic visibility, utilizing Open-Source components where applicable. 


3. Operate

Ease of use to maximize your investment.

Making it work for your team and processes to ensure you maximize your investment:

  • Deploy, configure, document
  • Educate - Operational and threat hunting training
  • Upgrade and customize - Automate and script

PacketXpress® - The Network Visibility Hub For Greater Insight  

Security Operations spends more time on data correlation than implementing effective threat prevention with many tools generating uncorrelated events and alarms, of which a large number are insufficient for threat analysis and incident response solutions. Axellio developed PacketXpress to make your existing infrastructure more efficient in threat detection while providing the packet data needed to fully understand what happened and to engineer the right defense - quickly and efficiently.

100 Gbps Packet
Capture and
Long-term Storage

Capture all your important
North-South and East-West traffic

Efficiently and economically sustained at 100 Gbps at zero packet-loss - with a unique architecture that allows for simultaneous read and write access at up to 200 Gbps rates for immediate access to all data. 


Adaptive Traffic Distribution
to your Security Applications

Extend the Useful Life of Your Security Monitoring & Analysis Infrastructure

Rate-controlled traffic buffering and distribution for any onboard & offboard analysis applications to ensure reliable no-loss, real-time analysis that keeps up with traffic spikes and growth. Up to 100 Gbps traffic distribution to any monitoring and analysis application through software APIs or physical connections.


On Demand Packet Access for Pre- and Post-Event Analysis

Pivot from any event directly into the packets

For back-in-time pre- and post-event threat analysis, no pre-defined indexing required.
Full traffic access for threat hunting and to validate mitigations with the original attack data , to ensure it will never happen again.

Ready to Improve Your Approach to Threat Detection and Response?

Axellio’s goal is to leverage the resources and tools you already have in place while providing faster access to richer, more contextual data. Prioritize what matters, for rapid and informed decisions, and for efficient response across your entire threat lifecycle: from threat detection over alert triage and incident response to threat hunting.

PacketXpress: The Network Visibility Hub

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