Financial Trading Surveillance
For Today's Highspeed Environment

We empower the financial industry to ensure regulatory compliance and infrastructure performance 
with real-time and historical trading and market data analytics
through high-performance, 100 Gbps no-loss traffic capture, distribution, and in-depth analytics

Market Analysis Infrastructures are 
Overwhelmed by Escalating Data Volume 

Global financial institutions need to reliably recreate financial transactions for analysis, problem resolution, and compliance. But existing analytics infrastructures are often overwhelmed by an ever-increasing volume of market data, challenged to decode and correlate millions of messages per second and provide access to timely information with nanosecond accuracy.


Axellio's and Packets2Disk's high-performance trading surveillance and market data analytics provides the scale, scope, and insight required
for today’s high-speed trading infrastructure.

100 Gbps Packet Capture and Long-term Storage

Sustained 100 Gbps no loss capture with nano-second accuracy -  a unique architecture that allows for simultaneous read and write access at up to 200 Gbps rates for immediate access to all data. 


Decode and Correlate 10 Million Transactions per Second

  • Decode packets and enrich with reference data for all major market and trading data protocols
  • In-depth analysis and reporting of complex performance metrics
  • Visualize, configure, and manage via an intuitive, customizable user interface.

On-Demand Packet Access for In-Depth Analysis - Anytime

Pivot from any event directly into the packets for back-in-time pre- and post-event analysis or to validate trading systems changes by testing with known, real-live data before going into production. 

Axellio PacketXpress and Packets2Disk Analytics
A complete solution for trading surveillance, market data analysis, and performance management

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PacketXpress® Visibility Hub

High Performance Capture and Analytics Platform 

  • 100 Gbps sustained, no-loss capture to disk
  • 100 Gbps data read-access and distribution from disk
  • 10 Million per second trading and analytics performance
  • 1.5 Petabyte storage raw, 2X with compression
  • Superior price-performance in a small, 2U formfactor

Packets2Disk Vertical

Packets2Disk Analytics

Analytics for Financial Markets

  • Decode packets and analytics for all major market and trading data protocols
  • In-depth analysis of complex performance metrics
  • API access to all analytics, trading and market data messages, and the underlying packets
  • Multiple export data formats to integrate with your existing infrastructure
  • Visualize, configure, and manage via an intuitive, customizable user interface

The Axellio & Packets2Disk
Trading Surveillance & Market Data Analysis Platform

Finance Analytics Solution

Axellio’s high-density, high-performance storage and analysis platform and Packets2Disk’s powerful market data analysis software provide highly accurate results for critical insights:

  • Identifies and reduces risk of service and trading surveillance data quality issues and outages
  • Reduces mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) and downtimes
  • Optimizes latency across the entire infrastructure
  • Ensures the quality and accuracy of data feeds for detailed analytics and performance improvements
  • Confirms compliance and reduces regulatory risks with accurate data for every transaction
  • Ensures SLA compliance for the exchange’s services and those of their service providers
  • Validates trading systems changes by testing with known, real-live data before going into production.


Proven Implementation at a Global Exchange

Our solution has been successful deployed at a Fortune 500 global exchange company that operates exchanges and clearing houses worldwide.  The operations team collaborated with Axellio® and Packets2Disk to develop a solution that met the demands for reliable and comprehensive data collection in an extremely small and cost-effective system. 

PacketXpress: The Network Visibility Hub

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