The Next Wave
of Computing Has Arrived




Use the right tool for the problem. Take information and insight to a whole new level with Axellio’s FX-MicroCloud. A purpose-built solution for implementing scalable cloud architectures and running cloud native applications, while providing the speed needed to offer real-time insights.

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Strip away your old understanding of hyper-converged. With compute and storage decoupled, a new flexibility has emerged with the Axellio’s FX-HCI solution. Exceed your performance needs, in a denser footprint, with lowered costs.


Scale In with a converged, high-performance solution. Axellio’s FX-MicroDataCenter removes the sprawling servers, switches, and SANs into one small footprint. Whether your environment needs GPU, CPU, RAM, or storage to excel – FX-MicroDataCenter can handle your data storing and processing needs. Ingest and analyze more data than ever before, often revealing business intelligence that was previously unattainable.

Axellio Edge Computing Solutions

Deliver your company real-time performance that combines speed, density, and cost to enable the next generation of capabilities for video streaming, cybersecurity, financial market data, and defense and intelligence community applications.  With the FabricXpress edge-computing platforms, you’ll enjoy high-bandwidth, low-latency, and high density that enables your team to achieve new levels of performance.

Data Center Performance

High-speed intake, processing, and storage


20x the performance at a 70% smaller footprint – modular, configurable hardware and software

Cost Effective

Lowest cost-to-performance ratio in the industry – small SwaP footprint

Unprecedented Density

Converged compute in a 3U format with up to 224 CPU cores, 48 Hot swappable NVMe SSDs, 725TB storage, 4 TB RAM.

Lightning Fast

240 GBytes/s i.e. 1920 Gbits/s of total throughput through the Xpress Fabric – a unique NVMe/PCIe architecture that reduces latency and dramatically accelerates throughput, compute, and storage capabilities. This allows for simultaneous 100Gbps traffic intake with no packet loss, while also distributing up to 100 Gbps of traffic with no impact on intake!


Continue to operate applications that you are already invested in on this platform.

Easily Upgrade, Expand, or Reconfigure

Modularity for any mix of Flash Storage, CPU, GPU, or high-speed networking interface cards.

Lowest SWaP in the Industry

In both a 3U rackmount or mobile carry-on.

FabricXpress 3


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