Reginald Hyde
Founder Oak Mountain Ventures and Consulting

Reginald Hyde currently advises on technology and investment financing through Oak Mountain Ventures and Consulting, as well as through participation on Boards of Directors and Advisory Boards.  During a 30-year CIA career, he served in four overseas postings as a CIA operations officer, including two as a Station Chief.  In addition to serving as the Executive Assistant to the Director of Central Intelligence and his Deputy, he served in several Senior Executive positions within the Agency and founded and built a major technology center.  Mr. Hyde helped stand up the Intel Community’s Strategic Venture element, In-Q-Tel, in 2000, and later returned to IQT as the senior IC advisor to IQT’s CEO and as a member of the Executive Team.  While at IQT, Mr. Hyde focused on Venture Capital, Cyber security, Big Data and Predictive Analytics, as well as M&A activity involving those technologies.  Mr. Hyde concluded his government career as the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security, at the Pentagon where he was responsible for Policy and Oversight of the intelligence portfolio for the military.  Mr. Hyde was promoted to the civilian equivalent of a military three-star in 2005.  Following his retirement from government in 2013, Mr. Hyde founded and served as the Executive Director of the University of Alabama Cyber Institute for five and a half years before returning to Washington, DC, to pursue private business full time.  He holds a BS and JD from the University of Alabama and a Master’s Degree  from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs.